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You hardly notice, you feel comfortable and harmonious.

This feeling is the essence of the brand. On which we have been working day after day for many years, and strive to improve.

The mission of the day of its foundation is to create clothes, the quality and comfort of which is not inferior to individual tailoring, and the style corresponds to the latest fashion trends.

It all started a quarter of a century ago with the idea of ​​creating the perfect outfit that would emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. The best tailors in Europe began to study men anew: their physique, how they move, how they sit, what kind of life they lead. When creating the pattern, everything was taken into account - the development of the lifestyle of modern men and, as a result, their physique, all the little things that are so important for the fit and comfort of the finished dress.


Product List


Straight cotton shirt 


The undoubted hit of the current season in the collection of shirts is the model with floral motives. It is this pattern on the fabric that has become a special trend this summer.


Slim-fit shirt in cotton with short sleeves


Summer, sun, beach - in one word - relaxation! And what a vacation without a "Hawaiian" shirt! Juicy and bright colors of this shirt will not leave anyone indifferent!


Slim-fit shirt made of cotton


This model not only diversifies the usual wardrobe, but is also guaranteed to attract the attention of others. Feel free to experiment!


Straight cotton shirt


Looking at this shirt for the first time, it is difficult to imagine that only two tones are present in its design. Nevertheless, it is so - a snow-white background and a blue print. But not just blue, but its subtlest shades - from light and muted


In hot seasons, choose comfortable and comfortable clothing. You will feel confident even in hot weather.

The short sleeve shirt from this line is a great choice for a casual look. The product has a tight cut and short length, suitable for wearing.

An interesting geometric pattern is unobtrusive, brightens up the familiar image and brings a touch of novelty to everyday wardrobe. The shirt is made of mercerized cotton. It is a very soft, lightweight fabric that is comfortable on the body.




The shirt in a semi-fitted silhouette is ideal for the warm season. First of all, it has a very good composition, which combines the most suitable spring-summer fabrics - 55% cotton and 45% linen. In such a shirt it will not be hot, because both materials are completely airy, hypoallergenic, durable and very pleasant for the body. Due to the addition of cotton, the product loses less and retains its shape. A feature of the model is the shape of the collar, which is often called "mandarin" or a combination of "stand-up collar" is often used.

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